Ryan Melsom


Hi, I'm Ryan.

I run a boutique-style, national communications agency that seeks at its heart to move away from marketing clichés and rethink the nature of communication in our age.

To my mind, the big goal of any project is to open people’s minds and transform inaction into passion – to create communications strategies and tools imbued with a deeper story and sense of purpose.

Whether its developing a brand, creating a website, writing content, or thinking through a social media strategy, I love working with clients with tough problems, people who believe in what they’re doing but don’t necessarily already have all the answers.

If you're a prospective client, I can’t promise that we’ll always stay in your comfort zone, but I can say I won’t rest until you feel heard and happy with the work.

If you’re interested in talking more about a project, please contact me at 613-809-6241 or